Companionable Silence

A suggestion for lockdown co-working

I’ve been missing the feeling of working alongside colleagues and friends. I’ve always felt it a bit while working freelance from home, but the covid-19 lockdown has made it much more acute.

While there are a lot of work-based video meetings, and happy social virtual gatherings, there aren’t really opportunities to just work alongside someone.
This is an experiment to share space and time with each other while observing physical distancing:

Think of it as sitting in a library, or sharing an office; meeting up with a friend to study. It helps me tackle tricky tasks, putting a frame around a chunk of time, and knowing that a fellow soul is also working away at something they need to get done.

I find it easier to set a time with one other person, or with a group who all know each other. I know it’s working when I get up to make tea and instinctively want to ask my co-worker if they’d like a cuppa too 😉

If you know me, and you’d like to work alongside for a bit, let me know!